Core Assets Children’s Services

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Core Assets Children’s Services
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Engaging care leavers in designing care leaver support services.

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Through positive activities and group work, care leavers are given the opportunity to carry out volunteering, learn new skills, develop a sense of community responsibility and be encouraged to think about their own future in a positive way. 

We will ensure that:
  1. as far as possible any new contracts and services delivered by Core Assets Children's Services are actively designed and monitored, with our care leavers; and
  2. through our existing links with local authorities and employment, education and training providers, we will work to ensure that any new EET opportunities are accessible and sustainable for care leavers through the delivery of such commissioned services.
Opportunities to get involved in any new projects will be advertised through the Care Leaver Covenant App.



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Opportunities to get involved in any new projects will be published on Core Assets Children’s Services’ website and the Care Leaver Covenant App.

To register your early interest send your name and contact details to clearly marked ‘CLC Engaging care leavers’. 


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