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Wakefield College
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Improving access, performance, experiences and progression for care leavers.

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Wakefield College will support care leavers interested in applying to study there as well as care leavers who are already studying there. 

Foster Family Fun Days - We offer a wide range of fun, family friendly activities, inspired by the variety of subjects taught across the partnership. This is a great opportunity to visit the University campus and have a go at something new.

Pastoral Support - We provide care leavers with additional pastoral support throughout the student lifecycle with named care leaver contacts across the partnership. Named contacts facilitate a coordinated approach to pastoral support across the College.

Application Support - The University Centre at Wakefield College is committed to supporting those from a care background who wish to enter higher education. Please get in touch with their named Care Leaver Contact, Carol McArthur for more information about the application process. Alternatively, if you have indicated on your UCAS application that you have been in care, the HE office will contact you to inform you of the support available to you, such as the Care Leaver Bursary. You will be asked to provide evidence that you meet the definition of a care leaver. This will be in the form of a letter from your social worker or teacher.

Contextual admissions - Wakefield College offer contextual admissions for Care Leavers. Please get in touch with the named Care Leaver Contact, Carol McArthur for more information.

Financial Support - Wakefield College offers a care leavers’ bursary. This award will be made to any home student who has left local authority care in the 2 years prior to enrolment on the first year of study, irrespective of postcode. This is a non-means tested bursary of £1,500 per year of study

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If you are interested in taking up any of this support, contact Carol McArthur, Safeguarding at C.McArthur@wakefield.ac.uk


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