The Grand Hotel - Brighton

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The Grand Hotel - Brighton
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Work placements in maintenance, concierge and catering.

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The Grand Brighton is an iconic Victorian property that is steeped in British history and stands on Brighton’s famous seafront. 
Three (unpaid) work placements are being offered to care leavers. Each will last for 3 months at 30 hours per week. During the placement care leavers will receive:
  • A hotel induction.
  • A mentor for the duration and career guidance throughout the placement.
  • Uniform for the placement.
  • Meals while on duty.
  • Travel expenses
  • Opportunity for any on the job and off the job training that arises including e-learning and Health and safety training.
  • Opportunity to take part in community projects as they arise – including environmental, charity and wellbeing events. Feedback during and at the end of the placement on the specific role undertaken as well as guidance on future employability.
A written reference will be provided at the end of the placement.



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If you are interested in applying for one of these placements contact your local care leaving team, asking them to make a referral to us citing ‘CLC The Grand Hotel


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