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Norwich City Council
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Work experience opportunities

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Norwich City Council is offering 3 short term work experience opportunities of 3 – 8 weeks’ duration. 

Elections (3 weeks).
Work experience in the lead up to the City Council elections on 2 May 2019. Through this placement a care leaver can gain experience of:
  • the elections process
  • postal vote opening
  • preparing for the poll
  • polling day (perhaps as a poll clerk) 
  • the election count.  
The Elections Team would provide support throughout the placement as well as training and guidance relevant to the placement.  
Key skills developed through this placement include administration, working under pressure, managing processes, working as part of a team and working with the public.

HR & learning (2 months)
The Council’s Human Resources Team will provide a full time or part time placement for 2 months starting November 2018. The Team will allocate both a buddy and a mentor from for the period of the placement. 
The experience will cover administrative and business support within the HR service.

Norwich Norse Environmental (3 weeks)
Norwich Norse Environmental is offering a three week placement in one of the Council’s main public parks - Eaton Park. The placement will involve undertaking grounds’ maintenance ‘ e.g. raking, litter picking, bin emptying and  herbaceous bed maintenance such as hoeing. 
The placement will be working under supervision and will be provided with training and support to undertake the duties provided. Protective clothing will be provided for the period of the placement.

Access to training.
If relevant internal training courses are running during the placement then these can be offered for all placements across the Council e.g. preparing for interviews, customer service excellence training. 



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To take up this offer contact your local care leaving team, asking them to make a referral to us citing ‘Care Leaver Covenant work experience’.

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