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Kirklees College
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Improving access, performance, experiences and progression for care leavers.

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Kirklees College will support care leavers interested in applying to study there as well as care leavers who are already studying there.
Foster Family Fun Days – Kirklees Council runs an Independent Visitors are volunteers who befriend and spend time with a child or young person within Local Authority care.
An Independent Visitor is a reliable, consistent and autonomous friend who visits a looked after child or young person. Click here for information about ‘care2listen’ Kirklees Independent Visitors.

Pastoral Support - We provide care leavers with additional pastoral support throughout the student lifecycle with named care leaver contacts across the partnership. Named contacts facilitate a coordinated approach to pastoral support across the College.



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If you are interested in taking up any of this support, contact Emma Townsend, College Care Coordinator at


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