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Kirklees College
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Improving access, performance, experiences and progression for care leavers.

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Care Coordinators support students throughout the year with attendance, academic progress and wellbeing. The team assesses the level of need for students to provide the following levels of support:  


Universal support   

  • Initial positive start meetings, parents/carers involved and updated as appropriate  
  • Referrals and signposting to internal and external services e.g. counselling, The Base, St Giles Trust (in liaison with Safeguarding)  
  • Support strategies are communicated with relevant staff along with ongoing communication and collaboration  


Low level support  

  • Weekly check-ins with pastoral staff by text, email or phone  
  • Logging and monitoring progress via Promonitor to escalate the level of support if needed  
  • Support to attend developmental enrichment activities  
  • Support to plan and complete course work   
  • Mediation/advocacy if required   


Medium level support  

  • 1:1 meetings for a 6 to 8 week period with pastoral staff, reviewed at end of this period and extended if needed  
  • Targeted enrichment sessions e.g. respect, self-esteem, discrimination, restorative practice  
  • Behaviour management support  
  • Counselling   
  • Advocacy/negotiations with curriculum for reasonable adjustments such as individualised timetable or extended end date 


High level support  

  • Pre agreed arrangements to meet the student on entry to college and supported 1:1 through enrolment, induction or getting to and from the classroom  
  • Pastoral staff on call to de-escalate when student is angry / highly anxious  
  • Pastoral staff named on support strategies as a person and place to go to when timeout is required  
  • Restorative Practice, Inclusion Panels, mindfulness sessions  
  • Meetings throughout the week as required to check progress against agreed targets, this is 1 x weekly set appointment and 1 or more check-ins at varying times  
  • Advocacy for housing, finance, bursary, GPs   
  • Parent / carer daily check ins  



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If you are interested in taking up any of this support, contact Emma Townsend, College Care Coordinator at


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