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The Old Vic Theatre
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Old Vic Theatre Makers; a five-month programme

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Old Vic Theatre Makers will work with 20 young theatre makers to help develop a creative toolkit to make and discuss theatre in these changing times through a series of online workshops and masterclasses. With the support of a professional director throughout the five months, participants will conceptualise and plan the future of theatre alongside other young creatives, working in collaboration with some of the UK’s leading professional theatre makers, culminating in a showcase of learning in January 2022. 


OV Theatre Makers is open to 18 - 25 year olds from across the UK, and we are looking for young theatre makers and creatives who want to develop new skills, gain confidence, build networks and explore what it means to create theatre. No experience is necessary and the programme is not open to anyone who has received (or is receiving) formal, degree level (or equivalent) arts training, or has taken part in the programme previously.  


Meet the 1st cohort here:  


We are particularly keen to hear from people who have had limited or no access to arts opportunities in the past and are committed to identifying and resolving barriers which may ordinarily exclude young people from accessing theatre. We are also keen to hear from young people outside of London.  


If you are a young person we would love for you to apply!  


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23 July 2021



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The deadline for applications is 23rd July 2021 

Information for how to apply can be found here:  



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