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Kingston University
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Improving access, performance, experiences and progression for care leavers.

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We, Kingston University will demonstrate our commitment to the Care Leaver Covenant through the following actions:

• By recognising and understanding care leavers as an identified group of young people, with challenges and barriers that re specific to them. Ensuring that relevant and sufficient support is in place in order for them to be able maxims their potential.

• To provide a designated member of staff for care leaver students from application through to graduation. This member of staff no only advises and supports the student but can where appropriate advocate on their behalf.

• To ensure our admissions team take contextual data into account when making offers and accepting students onto our courses.

• To ensure that staff across the University, particularly within areas such as Student Services and Personal Tutors are trained on the barriers faced by care leaver students and can provide an enhanced package of support and guidance.

• Providing additional and specific funds available exclusively for care leavers and ensuring that they are made a priority for wider University funds.

• To ensure that all care leaver students have a safe and secure environment to live and where necessary providing care leavers with a priority for a place in halls of residence and extending the contract to allow a student to remain in halls for the full 365 days a year

• To provide care leavers with opportunities to enter the world of work and develop their employability skills, by offering a number of paid work experience placements and promoting external opportunities.

• To provide care leavers with opportunities to broaden their horizons/ experience new things (for example to provide additional funding for them to take part in study trips and study abroad).

• To celebrate our care leaver students success at graduation by hosting a celebratory meal and funding their graduation gown and photography package. 



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