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Oaklands College
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Improving access, performance, experiences and progression for care leavers.

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We Oaklands College will demonstrate our commitment to the care leaver covenant through the following actions:
• Giving care leavers priority status in decisions about access to services or support. 
• Ensuring close partnership working with the Virtual School to provide cohesive and holistic support.
• Ensuring care leavers have information and support to access their bursary and provide additional support to reduce any barriers to learning.
• Ensuring care leavers are allocated support from our high support risk Adviser so progress is closely monitored and early support can be identified and provided.
• Providing care leavers with opportunities to enter the world of work, through work experience placements.
• Providing care leavers with additional welfare support through access to an allocated link Student Adviser.
• Providing additional support to help meet the costs of living independently at a young age, such as help with IT equipment.
• Providing care leavers with opportunities to broaden their horizons/experience new things though the ‘Outside the Box’ activities and events calendar.
• Ensure effective communication and timely interventions when required ensuring care leavers stay academically on track and achieve their full potential.



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If you interested in this opportunity please contact us through info@mycovenant.org.uk

For more information: https://www.oaklands.ac.uk/student-experience/iag


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