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Salford City College
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Improving access, performance, experiences and progression for care leavers.

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We Salford City College will demonstrate our commitment to the care leaver covenant through the following actions:

• Providing a dedicated member of staff who will liaise with the high schools and support care leavers from pre- enrolment to completion/ progression;

• Ensuring care leavers have a priority status in decisions about access to services or support including counselling, careers, support services etc;

• Making care leavers exempt from certain course costs and supporting them financially with additional costs for equipment, uniforms, kits, travel, College meals and College trips;

• Ensuring regular meetings are held with the neighboring Local Authorities to ensure care leavers are monitored, any concerns identified and appropriate joint action/support is put in place.

• Working closely with the University of Salford who provide a mentoring programme for the College care leavers to assist with the progression into HE;

• Providing care leavers with opportunities to enter the world of work, including through providing a certain number of work experience placements, internships, traineeships and apprenticeships;

• Providing care leavers with additional support by ensuring that care leavers are supported closely through the Progression Team and Personal Tutor system;

• Providing care leavers with opportunities for personal development including guaranteeing care leavers a place on the National Citizenship Programme or Duke of Edinburgh Award;

• Providing additional support to help meet the costs of living independently at a young age such as help with living costs through the hardship fund;

• Providing care leavers with opportunities to broaden their horizons/experience new things through the College enrichment programme including sports activities; driving theory lessons, free or discounted tickets for arts and cultural events;

• Working with other agencies across the City through the Greater Manchester Care Leaver Committee ensure that care leavers across the City have their achievements celebrated at an annual event.





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