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University of Salford
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Improving access, performance, experiences and progression for care leavers.

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We the University of Salford will demonstrate our commitment to the Care Leaver Covenant through the following actions:

  • To support care experienced young people to fulfill their potential by working in close partnership with local authorities, virtual schools, designated teachers children home staff, foster carers, other universities and colleges, local and national charities and other professions that work with people in care in a way to provide the best opportunities for care experiences young people to access higher education and enhance outcomes. This includes delivering training on higher education to all these groups if required. We believe to change lives and outcomes we all need to work together.
  • Engage and support the work of the National Network for the Education of Care Leavers to ensure the education and the progression fo the care experienced young people is a priority to all stakeholders we work with.
  • To ensure that all open days and applicants days are promoted and accessible to care experienced young people, and to provide bespoke open days for care experienced young people annually with our partners in “Greater Manchester Higher” and the “Greater Manchester LAC Forum” 
  • To ensure that all open days and applicant days are promoted and accessible to care experienced young people, and to provide bespoke open days for care experiences young people annually with our partners in “Greater Manchester Higher” and the “Greater Manchester LAC Forum’ Additionally to promote and provide individual open days for people from care whop would prefer this to group open day and events.
  • To continue to support and be actively involved in organising the annual Greater Manchester Care Leaver Awards, which was started by the four universities in Manchester four years ago and has since grown into a huge event celebrating the amazing success of the care leavers in all areas of life across Greater Manchester.
  • Work with Children in Care Councils to promote educational opportunities and projects for acre experienced people in Greater Manchester.
  • To continue to work in partnership with local authorities to provide one to one mentoring opportunities for Year 7-12 LAC in Salford and Trafford schools with trained care leavers and other students from the University of Salford to raise aspirations confidence and to help them discover their passions and abilities to thrive in their future lives
  • To recognise that care experienced young people are not always ready for university at eighteen and to ensure that university support is available to care leavers when they are ready, whatever age that may be.
  • To prioritise flexible accommodation options in association with our accommodation provider/s, so that care leavers have a place to call home for the duration of their study if necessary. To provide help with setting up their accommodation if necessary, and to provide help and information with regard to cost of moving into accommodation. To liaise with accommodation providers with any ongoing issues and problems they may face.
  • To work with the persons local authority to ensure that university and local authority support is aligned. To work together for the best outcomes for the young persons future career and life. To promote joint working in pathway Planning for young people at university.
  • To contact and provide information to all care leaver applicants who have disclosed their status via UCAS or by direct application about the support we provide as soon as possible after application. To provide advice and support during this transition period. 
  • To encourage disclosure so that we can provide support as early possible and to ensure that they understand that this information is confidential and that we will only share after asking them if it is necessary.
  • To make available our Careers Consultants and appropriate academic staff at the university if possible to all young people incur if they require advice and guidance, even before they apply to university.
  • To prioritise Salford Advantage bursaries (£1000 per annum) and Salford Support Fund monies to care leavers to both reward aspiration and to help students where in real need. To provide money and budgeting advice so that care leavers at the university make the most of their money and are prepared for their future lives.
  • To entourage all care leavers at the university to become paid Student Ambassadors for the university, both to gain valuable work experience and confidence and to inspire younger care experienced people that the ambassadors worth with that they can do the same.
  • To provide a named care leaver Coordinator for care experienced people to go to. This coordinator will regularly promote opportunities to student care leavers that could enhance their university life and future careers.
  • To actively promote the success of our care leavers and graduates and to provide role models for other young people to achieve 
  • To raise awareness and provide training to staff so that we all understand that the barriers that care experienced people may face, and so they know how to refer on for the specific support if necessary. 
  • To recognise that graduation and beyond can be problematic for care leavers. On this happy day they lose their (corporate) parents support, maybe their accommodation; and they may have to find a graduate Jobe quickly without being able to reply on parents. The university will, commit to staying in contact with its care leavers - helping and advising through their careers ad following their success in their future lives. 
  • To treat care leavers as individuals, and treat them with respect. To recognise that being a care leaver is not a stigma but something to be proud of and is just one part of what makes them who they are.



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