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First Star Scholars UK
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Join our London Academy

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For Young People in Care who aspire to University - Year 9 students in London.

Join our London First Star Academy (more academies are coming in 2020 - keep up to date via our website)

In collaboration with universities we offer academic support, life skills and personal development in an immersive higher education experience. The programme is designed to support young people academically, personally and socially throughout GCSE's and A-Levels (or equivalent) in order that they can get the grades needed to enter higher education and go on to obtain a good degree.




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If you are interested in becoming a First Star Academy Student or have an interested young person in your Virtual School or In Care with you and you/they are in year 9 (2018-2019) then contact our Executive Director

Dr Lorna Goodwin -

You can also reach us through our website -



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