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Blackpool Coastal Housing
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Positive Steps with Blackpool Coastal Housing

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Through the Positive Transitions Housing Clinic we can support you to find the right type of accommodation as you move to independent living.

  • We will help you settle in and support you to do what you need to successfully create a new home for yourself. 
  • We can provide assistance and support as you look for work or apply to college for further education or training by putting you in touch with your own personal advisor who will work with you to find the career you want.
  • We will help you identify and achieve your aspirations, support you in problem solving and develop your personal skills which will take you through life.
  • We will help you develop your support networks within your community.



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Your social worker and personal advisor will put you in touch with us as you start to plan for leaving care.

If you are in your own home and want support in developing your skills to improve your chances of getting a job or need support in looking for work you can contact the More Positive Together Team direct 

01253 477920.


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