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Brighton Dome - Miss Represented
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Become a member of a creative collective
For young women aged 13-20

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Miss Represented is an arts collective of young women who have difficult stuff to deal with in life. 

We talk about a lot of different things.  We make art, we write songs, we take photos, we make films,  we create characters and their lives.  Maybe we write about our own lives if we want to.   

Miss Rep comes together to feel safe and get creative, to see who we are and who we want to become.  

We make shows and exhibitions to share our work, including going on tour.  We share our work to make invisible stories visible, and to amplify unheard voices.  

We believe in equality.   

You can see everything we’ve done at, including a documentary about the tour we did. 



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Brighton Dome and Festival are a signatory of the Care Leaver Covenant, and they have committed to supporting care leavers to access their opportunities. 

The Miss Represented Projecy offer is temporarily suspended due to Covid 19. This section will be updated with further information once the programme restarts.  



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