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Social Mobility Fund
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The Social Mobility Foundation – 2021 Aspiring Professionals Programme

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 The Social Mobility Foundation (SMF) supports ambitious young people from low-income backgrounds to access top universities and competitive professions by offering:
  • Professional mentoring
  • Tailored career and skills workshops
  • University application support and guidance
  • Internships with top employers

We support students across 11 different career sectors including Banking & Finance, Engineering & Physics, Law, and Medicine by collaborating with over 200 top employers across the UK.

Care leavers are disproportionately underrepresented in higher education. We are therefore committed to supporting you throughout your transition from school, to higher education and beyond. 

Am I eligible?  

We recognise that care-experienced young people may have had a disrupted education or other difficulties meaning that your grades may not truly reflect your ability and potential. We have created a contextual offer which takes into account these difficulties:

1.Care-experienced applicants automatically satisfy our background criteria.

2.Care-experienced young people must satisfy reduced academic criteria. You are eligible if you are planning on applying for university and:

-Have 5 GCSE’s graded A*-C (9-4), (A-C at Scottish National 5).

-Are on track for BBC at A-Level (BBCC at Scottish Higher).

-Can provide a supporting teacher reference which affirms your academic and professional potential if you missed the required grades.

We have also made efforts to facilitate an inclusive application process and a supportive service. Care-experienced applicants are identified during their application process to ensure all experiences of legal care are accounted for. We have a dedicated team who support care leavers throughout their time as SMF students, where tailored opportunities can be offered.




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If you have any questions about your eligibility for the programme or how we can support you, please contact:

Shauna Dillane on

Max Wigfield on



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