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BCS Group
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Work Experience Opportunity at BCS Group

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BCS Group, part of the Barhale Group, is a privately owned company first established in 1980. BCS Group is a leading supplier of safety and construction products and services that operates from their central manufacturing and distribution centre in Walsall, West Midlands. 

They offer a range of work experience opportunities including Warehouse, Sign Making, Administration and Sales. 

They are offering an unpaid work experience for two weeks, flexible on hours, with travel costs refunded.

If the business and the individual are a good fit, there may be potential for the work experience to become permanent, should there be a vacancy available. 

If the work experience is successful and you want to apply to join the team, we have a good employment package with a range of flexible benefits. These can be customised to personal requirements, with private medical insurance and yearly gym memberships being two popular options.  

BCS Group also have a mentoring programme which you would have access to from day one and a have dedicated Health and Wellbeing lead to offer support if required.




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Interested individuals should email Careers@barhale.co.uk with their details and the reasons they would like to be considered for work experience.




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