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Construction Apprenticeships

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Are you a care leaver that is interested in an apprenticeship in the Construction Industry?  Then Evolve’s opportunities may be for you!

Evolve are committed to ensuring that all care leavers are offered an interview for positions that they are eligible for.

These apprenticeships will give you the opportunity to gain skills and work experience in the Construction Industry.

You will be paid a wage (Apprentices are paid the national minimum wage according to age their age) and get a qualification that is recognised throughout the world.

If you want to apply you must have a willingness to learn, the ability to listen and follow instructions and to understand the necessity of working as part of a team.

All apprentices will be required to have a CSCS card before starting their apprenticeship and if you do not have a CSCS card already Evolve can support you to achieve this.

Good timekeeping and regular attendance both on site and at college will be essential in order to successfully complete an apprenticeship.

You will be given support and mentoring throughout the duration of the apprenticeship, this includes support with non-work related issues, which may affect your ability to complete your apprenticeship.



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Evolve will ensure that care leavers are offered an interview for positions that they are eligible for.

You can apply for vacancies at www.evolveuk.org

As part of your application for an apprenticeship, you will complete the Equality and Diversity form.  On this form you will be able to advise that you are a care leaver.


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