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Care leavers and those in care can access legal advice in relation to pending allegations under investigation or representation when facing proceedings before the Magistrates' and Crown Court. 

Free legal advice is available to anyone having to attend for interview at the police station or with regards to investigations into benefit overpayment. Public funding (legal aid) is available for most applicants in relation to court proceedings.

Tuckers Solicitors LLP are a care leaver friendly firm of Solicitors who will guide and assist you through the maze of your legal case.
Being Care Leaver Friendly involves our solicitors being aware to the issues affecting people in care, ensuring lines of communication are open to key workers, support staff, social workers and those housing our clients in care. 



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Call Tuckers Solicitors LLP on 0845 200 3367 and ask for the branch office nearest to your location.  Alternatively e-mail James Turner: turnerj@tuckerssolicitors.com


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