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Central Fusion
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Paid hospitality work for festivals and events

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Opportunities to become a member of the Central Fusion team working on fast food vans / licenced bars at music festivals and sporting events. You will be working with a supervisor/team members to provide the public attending these fun relaxed events with an excellent customer service experience when purchasing food/drinks.

This opportunity initially offers a chance to enjoy the buzz of a big sports/musical event with top stars and bands entertaining an audience of all ages, who are relaxed and want to enjoy alcohol/different fast foods as part of their experience.

To assist in achieving this, we want to provide opportunities for care leavers to join our team and feel part of the event doing a worthwhile job alongside colleagues delivering a great customer service and having fun whilst doing so!

This can provide an opportunity to work throughout the summer and winter months across the UK at key events and gain valuable employment experience and an understanding of customer service.

Initially the hourly rate of pay will be based on the national minimum living wage.

18+ Only



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If you are interested please contact:

Karen Daniels 07584417350
Central Fusion’s Care Leavers representative


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