Civil Service Internship 1

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Civil Service Internship 1
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Care Leaver Internship (Administrative Officer)

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Your unique perspective makes all the difference to the way we work 

Our Care leavers paid internship is one way the Civil Service is showing our commitment to Care Leavers. 

The roles are across the country and you will be providing support to a government department near you.

Job description

Tasks will vary depending where you work, but you will be working in a supporting administrative role with no line management responsibilities, and typically within a team structure..


Your communication and organisational skills will be used in your everyday work. 

In the job you may be asked: 

• to take your own initiative with minimal supervision, knowing when to seek help. 
• to identify priorities, resolving issues 
• support the team to secure the most effective outcome. 

Can I apply? 

If you were eligible for a leaving care support package when you left care and will be aged between 18 and 30 (On 1st October 2019) then you can apply. In order to qualify for leaving care support, you must have been in care for a minimum of 13 weeks, some of which must have been after your 16th birthday’. You must also have the right to work in the UK. If you apply for a Care Leaver Internship and are invited to interview, you will need to provide evidence that you meet the essential criteria by showing a letter from the local authority that provided your care prior to interview and appropriate ID. 

No qualifications are required for this internship 



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