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Armed forces
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Join The British Army

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The Biggest Team You'll Ever Join!

Men and women who want to do something different.  Full time soldiers - working, living and socialising with their work mates.  They are more than soldiers, they are also skilled tradesmen and women - could this be you?

As a Regular soldier you'll live and work on Military bases, either in the UK or overseas - but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up your old life.  Unless you're away on operations or training exercises you'll normally work 8:30am - 5pm Monday to Friday.  You'll also get 38 days leave per year (including bank holidays), which is more than most civilian jobs! 

Recruits in initial training receive £15,985 per year in salary!  Once you have progressed to the rank of Private Soldier your salary increases to £20,400 per year.  By the time you reach the rank of Sergeant salary increases to £35,853.

98% of Soldiers enrol on an apprenticeship, making the Army one of the largest apprenticeship programmes in the UK and allowing you to continue your education!

You don't need to take on a combat role to join the Army - there are over 200 different job roles including:


- Engineering

- Combat

- HR, Finance & Support

- Intelligence, Communications & IT

- Medical

- Logistics & Support

- Music

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26 June 2020



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Prior to making an application, care leavers are welcome to attend our Work Experience Programmes that we deliver on a regular basis nationwide. These are typically 3 days in duration and will provide you with valuable experience and an opportunity to discover whether an Army career is for you. 


The Care Leaver Covenant will publicise details of upcoming Army events.  


#FindWhereYouBelong and apply today at



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