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Warm Homes
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Warm Homes - Brand new fully funded central heating system

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Warmer Homes is an initiative managed by Staffordshire County Council in partnership with E.ON to deliver funded first time central heating to eligible homes across Staffordshire. 
Successful applicants will have a brand new fully funded central heating system installed in their home. Switching to gas central heating can save households up to £350 each year off annual fuel bill.
Do I have to pay anything?

No, If you meet our eligibility criteria and we have accepted you onto the scheme, you will not have to pay to have the central heating installed. After the central heating has been installed, you will be responsible for paying your fuel bills. The good news is that gas central heating is much more cost effective than many other forms of heating so the scheme should save you money in the long run.
Why are E.ON involved and do I have to be an E.ON customer to apply?
You do not have to be an E.ON customer to benefit from the scheme. E.ON are simply helping us to deliver it.
Can I be in a rented property?
Yes! If you are in a rented home from the council or a social landlord you can still be eligible but there are a few more checks in place around the general energy efficiency of the property. Give us a call and we can help check this for you



How to Apply

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Please follow the link below or call E.ON on 0333 202 4481 explain that you are a Care Experienced and they will be able to help you. 
If you would like support with your application, please contact either Nic or Sara at the Leaving Care team within Staffordshire Local Authority who will be happy to help.



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