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Centrepoint Works Traineeships

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Centrepoint Works provides traineeship opportunities consisting of learning programmes alongside work placements and full time roles, predominantly in the areas of catering/hospitality, construction, security and business administration.

There are three elements to completing a traineeship: Employability, Functional Skills (if they have not already achieved up to level 2) and a placement (100 hours) matched with the learner’s area of employment interest. These hours can be spread out working part time, full time or flexible hours.

If learners have already achieved a level 2 or equivalent in Functions Skills they will be exempt from doing this element of the traineeship. Any learner who has achieved a level 3 or above in any qualification will not be able to access a traineeship. Learners are required to complete up to 50 GLH (guided learning hours)




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Traineeships run from a minimum of 6 weeks to a maximum of 6 months

Once the Traineeship has been completed the learner will be guaranteed an interview.

To get more information on how to apply please email LondonJET@centrepoint.org


Learners must be 19 - 24 year olds, NEET, lived in the UK for 3+ years and not have L3 or above qualification.

For those claiming the JSA equivalent under UC this may mean they will be exempt from job seeking the 35 hours’ p/w. 

Candidates must be able to provide 2 pieces of ID with one being Photo ID



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