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Procure Plus2
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Pre employment Support and Job opportunities

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For candidates who are interested in starting their journey into employment or would like to get back into employment in any sector/level.  No previous qualifications or experience are needed.

Candidates who would like to find employment but would like some addition support can complete a Procure Plus/Re:vision data consent and Care Leaver Covenant will send this in to

On receipt of the data consent form candidates will be contacted by Procure Plus who will find out what opportunities candidates are interested in and identify which of our local employment groups are best suited to help this candidate.  Procure Plus will then do a warm introduction to this local group who will complete a tailor made plan 

specific to the candidates needs to help them reach their goal in employment. This is not a mandated or set time-scale project, it all depends on the candidates needs. 



Greater Manchester

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Care leavers  who are interested in complete Data Consent Form and email to stating that you are interested in receiving employment support from  Procure Plus. 


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