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Dame Kelly Holmes Trust
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Personal, Social and Emotional Development Programme

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The Dame Kelly Holmes Trust are running a personal, social and emotional development programme specifically for care leavers across England.

The programme will be delivered by world class athletes and is designed to help young people between 16-25 to become more physically active and to improve their mental wellbeing.

Professionals are invited to an information session at 11:30am on Thursday 11th February designed to help you understand the programme and be able to identify young people who would benefit. There will be a subsequent online taster event on 25th Feb for young people who are interested in participating in the programme.

The programme works to increase the participants’ confidence, self-esteem and resilience. Through activities and mentoring, young people will increase their physical activity levels and improve self-belief, motivation and self-esteem, leading to more positive attitudes and behaviours. Additionally the programme will help participants to:

  • Improve their positive social networks leading to increased integration into the community
  • Improve their relevant skills, experience and focus, leading to increased long-term employment prospects
  • Develop a more positive attitude, more confidence, and a greater sense of responsibility as a member of their community, leading to more informed lifestyle choices
Date & Time: 11:30am on Thursday 25th February
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25 February 2021



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To sign up or for the information session or to find out more please contact Ben or Gabs on enquiries@swaleleisure.org or 07951 574634


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