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Peppo Tutors
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Tutoring Support and Tutor training

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Peppo Tutors is a tutoring agency, that as a signatory of the Care Leaver Covenant will support care experienced young people to access the following opportunities. 

1. Peppo Tutors will provide free of charge, high quality on-line 1-to-1 tutoring for five GCSE care experienced students based across NCG colleges. Initially this will be a two month pilot with the possibility of extending the support for these students and providing tutoring to a greater number of care experienced students in the future.

2. Peppo Tutors appreciates that a Tutor should be a mentor and role model as well as an educator. Peppo Tutors is therefore keen to provide care experienced undergraduate students based in partner HEIs with the opportunity to become tutors. They will be paid £15 per hour for any tutoring and will be provided with support, guidance and training.




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For anyone interested in the offer of free of charge tuition they should contact Peppo (

For care experienced undergraduates interested in becoming a tutor they should apply at

If you apply for any of these opportunities, please let the Care Leaver Covenant know by emailing



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