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Local Government Association
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Apprenticeships at the Local Government Association

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The LGA is a membership organisation for councils. We work with the Government to make sure councils have what they need to support their communities best. Our apprenticeships are a great opportunity to work across a range of areas, including working with councils and central Government, developing key skills to support your future career.

We will guarantee interviews for apprenticeships to any care leaver meeting the person specification. We will also have a conversation with you before you apply to discuss the application and interview process, and to talk about any extra support you might need to apply.




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We will notify the Care Leaver Covenant when apprentice opportunities become available.  
Apprenticeships will also be advertised on the LGA website (www.local.gov.uk/jobs) when we have vacancies.
If you have applied for a vacancy, please notify the Care Leaver Covenant at connects@mycovenant.org.uk


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