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Under The Sky Events
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Outdoors Events & Holidays for Care Leavers

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Under the Sky Events empower care experienced people to create personal and social change through real and meaningful experiences in a natural environment.

We want to help adults from all walks of life to try something new that may be just what they need to change their perspective in life. Therefore, we are offering fully funded holidays to remote locations across the UK, with a focus on educating care-leavers about the benefits of the outdoors on mental and physical wellbeing.

These opportunities are open to care-leavers of 18yrs+ of any ability level. We offer opportunities for a wide range of age groups and cater each event to what the group would like to get out of the trip. Our events are a great way to connect with care-leavers from across the UK and with nature at the same time! You can find our full list of events on our website.




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Applying for our events is quick and easy. Just head onto our website (www.undertheskyevents.org) and find an event that you are interested in joining, and click the Apply Now button. The whole application takes less than 5 minutes and we will get back to you with confirmation as soon as we can. If you would like further information on this opportunity, please contact the Covenant at info@mycovenant.org.uk'


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