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Rise Futures
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Intervention & Opportunity Programmes

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Rise Futures offer Intervention and Opportunity programmes to young people in care transitioning into independent living. The intervention programme offers you the chance to focus on your future.   

We can support you to;  

  • Develop your self confidence, resilience, self esteem and understand the impact of choices and look at different options available to you. 
  • Help you feel better by working on your wellbeing. Develop your personal development plans, supporting you to take charge. Support you with strategies to self regulate your emotions 
  • Inform and empower you to understand and explore your choices in life. 

Work Experience 

Our Opportunity programmes offer you work experience through an Opportunity placement at one of our partner organsations; this is a different way to experience work. The placement aims to;  

  • Strengthen your inner belief to gain employment 
  • Explore insights into your future and your possibilities
  • Develop your soft and hard workplace skills 
  • Explore your workplace strengths Celebrate your achievements 
  • Prepare you for your next steps, your future

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How to Apply

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We offer a rolling programme and will notify when spaces available through the Care Leavers Covenant.

When we have spaces available you can register your interest by emailing us at office@risefutures.org

For Further details on Rise Futures please visit our website at risefutures.org

Available Space on our London Programme 

We currently have a space available on the London programme for students in the Hillingdon area.  If you are a young person who is interested in this opportunity please contact office@risefutures.org for more information.


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