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'Choose your own adventure' & 'Get mobile' Funding opportunities

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If you would like support to access funding for an adventure of your own choosing or funding to help you get out and about this summer, then this opportunity may be for you. 

We support the care leavers of Dorset Council who are aged 18-25, to reduce isolation and to promote self-worth. We currently have a 'choose your own adventure' fund and a 'get mobile' fund. All details and application forms are on our website. We are hopeful of another new fund in the not too distant future too - watch this space.

Throughout the year, we have activities and giveaways too. We can be followed on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and have a YouTube channel too.



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You can apply or get in touch with us via our website or social media ( We ask for consent to check you are a Dorset Council care leaver and we will contact the Care Leavers Team to confirm this.


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