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Cadent is the U.K.’s largest gas distribution provider and brings gas to 11 million homes and businesses throughout the North West, West Midlands, East Midlands, South Yorkshire, East England, and North London. The company employs over 4,000 people and offers wide ranging careers in technical and support roles. The company is passionate about people, colleagues and the communities served.

As a signatory of the Care Leaver Covenant, we have committed to helping to improve care leaver outcomes. We will do this by:

  • Supportive access to employment opportunities
  • Work Experience placement for students
  • Access to Individual Personal Support 

Employment Opportunities

We will offer support for any care leavers from application through to interview and start of a role, if successful. This will include a supportive video, one to one or panel interview process. If a candidate is unsuccessful in their application, we discuss the options available for non-scheme roles (general employment opportunities).

This support will apply to any advertised roles or training opportunities. This offer will also apply to opportunities within our supply chain. 

There is the option to state that you are a care leaver in the “where did you hear about the role” section of our applications. 

If you would like to discuss applying for a role, you can email Mary Mary O’Shaughnessy at 

Student Placements

For T level or college student looking for placements, where we can accommodate, we will review enquiries on a case by case basis and will advise which may lead to permanent positions on completion of college courses etc.

We will take enquiries for A level or college student students requiring a work experience or Industrial Placement.  Where we can accommodate, we will support placements.  We will review applications on a case by case basis.    

Successful placements may lead to permanent positions on completion of college courses.

Individual Support

Once you have taken up a role at Cadent, if you feel it would be beneficial, you will have access (upon request) to individual personal support. This would be from a colleague that is from outside of your regular team.  



How to Apply

How to Register

We will notify the Care Leaver Covenant of roles as they become available. 

If you would like to apply for a for a work placement, please email us to advise of your interest. 

Please contact Mary O’Shaughnessy at 

Mobile: 07973421651


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