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Build UK are hosting their Open Doors initiative

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Build UK are hosting their Open Doors initiative between 4th – 9th October 2021.

This is a great opportunity to visit construction sites, attend virtual talks and find out more about the career routes into the industry.

Care Leaver Covenant signatory John Sisk & Son Ltd will be supporting this event by delivering activities that you can get involved in, including site walks, interactive workshops and virtual information events.

So if you are thinking about a new career or would like to understand how the buildings and structures in your community are constructed – Open Doors has something for you.


For details of the upcoming events and to book, please see the information below. 

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09 October 2021


London and Milton Keynes

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Peabody Estate, St Johns Hill - Site Visit

Peabody Estate, St Johns Hill is near Clapham Junction in South West London.

A chance to visit the regeneration project, undertake a brief site induction before going out onto site, to see progress of the development, and the view!

Sisk’s Approach to Wellbeing In Construction – Virtual Event

Click the link below to find out about the presentation from Sisk's UK South Wellbeing Champion and Sisk's Occupational Health & Wellbeing Team.

Unity Place – Milton Keynes – Site Visit

Unity Place is a new office headquarters development for Santander in Milton Keynes.  Please see the link below for details on attending a site visit session.

Sisks Sustainability Roadmap – Virtual Event

Introduction into Sisk's Sustainability Roadmap via a virtual event with our Sustainability Team.

Technology In Construction at Peabody Estate, ST John Hill – Site Visit

Presentation from BIM Engineer about how John Sisk & Son use technology on our sites.

Interactive session with the chance to use virtual reality equipment and 'see' what the homes will look like.

Taking Up This Offer

You can book onto any of the above Open Doors events using the provided links, and copying them into your browser.

We would like to know how many young people attend these events after hearing about them from the Care Leaver Covenant. So, please add the abbreviation CLC after your name on the application. 


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