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Cerberus UK Support Services
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Construction Trade Apprenticeship (Bricklaying DryLining, Piling)

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Cerberus UK is a group of businesses; a main contractor in the construction industry, a logistic business, and support services company - meaning we can be a one-stop shop for any construction project. Our focus is to work with our clients and developers to take their ideas from early-stage inception to completion. We have a range of services that can be utilised by a client for the entirety of the project or can be individually broken down to suit the client’s needs.

Our aim is for our clients to not look at us as a building contractor they have hired for one job, but to look at us as a collaborative partner that can be relied upon to deliver fantastic projects time and again.

As a signatory of the Care Leaver Covenant, we will assist care leavers to take up our apprenticeships and support them entering the industry by training them up with a trade.

The main trades in which care leavers can take up an apprenticeship are Bricklaying, Dry Lining and Piling.



Greater London

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The programme is open to anyone 18 and over and is based in or around Greater London.

Candidates will need to hold a CSCS or willing to do training in advance to obtain this (we can support you with this). You also need to commit to a 2-year apprenticeship. 

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email us directly at colin@cerberusuk.co.uk for more information and to apply.  Please let us know that you are a care leaver who has heard about this opportunity through the Care Leaver Covenant. 



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