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Transitions UK
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Two Year Mentoring Support Service. Transitions UK Supports vulnerable young people aged 14 -25 years who are struggling with personal disadvantage.

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Transitions UK are a proud signatory of the Care Leaver Covenant as we are a committed supporter of young people and helping them to achieve their goals.

Transitions UK offer a free at point of use two-year wraparound mentoring support service for those who are about to leave care or have left care. It provides life planning, mentoring, skills and personal development. We use a wide range of support that is designed to help young people grow and move forward in their lives to achieve their potential and their personal ambitions. It is not a short-term intervention but depends upon the quality of relationships developed over time. We aim to provide the best possible blend of face to face, virtual mentoring and support.

This offer is currently available in Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes, Birmingham, and Central Bedfordshire. We are actively looking to open hubs in Kent, Southwark, and Manchester.

Please refer someone / self-refer at: If we are not operating in your area but you would like to take part in our mentoring service, please do still refer.  We will soon have a virtual mentoring programme you can access. Your referral will also help us to open up a hub in your area as we will be able to show need.



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Please refer someone / self-refer at:

If you have any questions about this opportunity, you can contact us at: email contact and tel 01582 380620


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